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Poppy seeds/Nuts/Cranberry Jam Cake

Febbraio 14, 2015

Did I make this for Valentine’s day? No.

Do I care about Valentine’s day? No, unless it means I get extra chocolate, which I did:)

Last weekend I wanted to bake a hazelnut cake, along with many other things. The only thing I was sure was going to work was the hazelnut cake.  I was sure until the little red oven light went off meaning it had reached the right temperature, but still had no cake mixture. In fact, I realised I didn’t even have all the ingredients I needed to make that mixture. My chef brain told me to look for random open packets in the cupboard and fridge and hope for the best. It turned out yummy, really yummy. And it even had some red in it. It was clear I was accidentally going to have the obligatory Valentine’s day post!

I am going to cut it short now otherwise I am NOT going to have the obligatory Valentine’s day post on time. Feel free to change ingredients following your chef brain just like I did, you never know what amazing thing might turn out!



2 eggs

75 gr sunflower oil

160 gr yoghurt

80 gr sugar

60 gr milk

180 gr spelt flour

55 gr ground hazelnuts

30 gr whole hazelnuts, coarsely chopped

40 gr poppy seeds

7 gr baking powder

Cranberry jam to spread in the middle

icing sugar for dusting

Mix all the wet ingredients and whisk them well. Add the dry ingredients, making sure there are no lumps. Preheat the over at 180 degrees C. Add the baking powder to the mixture just before transferring it to a cake pan. Pour the mixture in the pan (baking paper in!) and bake for about 30-40 minutes.

Let the cake cool and cut it through the middle. Spread 3 to 4 tablespoons of cranberry jam and join back the two halves. Dust some icing sugar and enjoy the cake with a warm cup of tea!



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