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Frozen Strawberry Goodness – delizia alle fragole

Giugno 21, 2015

The weather is being a real let down and sadly I think it means it’s the end of strawberry season 🙁 I am still waiting for ice cream weather but I can’t let this recipe sit in my draft folder any longer. It’s actually an original recipe kindly passed on by my sous chef. He’s been experimenting with kulfi since mmmm, I don’t know anymore. All I know is that in the last couple of months every time he found expiring milk with a 25% off sticker on it at the supermarket it was a good excuse for him to make kulfi. Our little people have been loving it! It’s a bit hard for them at the moment though to get used to the fact that there is no home made almost-ice cream in the shape of a star to be had after their afternoon nap.

This is the final kulfi evolution stage and we got to the point that you probably can’t call it kulfi anymore. Let’s just say it’s frozen strawberry goodness. It’s almost like frozen strawberry yoghurt but creamier and much more strawberry-y. A nice addition here is the SONNENTOR  spice-flower mix, which doesn’t only lift the dessert visually (let’s be honest, without it it would look plain boring!) but the cinnamon/clove/ginger combination makes it taste WOW!


1 litre full fat milk

100 gr sugar

250 gr quark

560 gr strawberries

SONNENTOR Flower-Spice Mix “Flower Power”

Maple syrup

Bring the milk to the boil along with 60 gr of sugar into a pot that is about 20 cm high. Keep cooking it until it’s reduced to about 330 gr – that means that you’ll be left with less than half the quantity of milk you originally put in the pot. Let it cool completely.

Blend the strawberries with 40 gr of sugar. Add the blended strawberries and the quark to the reduced milk and blend everything together with a hand mixer, put the dessert mixture in a freezer-safe container (preferably a high one, which is better for blending) and put it in the freezer.

Blend the mixture in total 3 more times (once every one and half hour) – now you can transfer it into a different container/mold if you like (we obviously used stars ;)). Let the mixture set (setting time depends on the container you’re using – just check it every so often).

Before serving take your dessert out of the mold and put it in the fridge for about ten minutes. Serve with some maple syrup and Sonnentor’s Spice-Flour Mix “Flower Power”.


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