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Summery compote with yoghurt and chia seeds / Composta estiva con yoghurt e semi di chia

Luglio 8, 2015

Oh dear, the last week has been the stickiest summer week since I don’t know when. Finally we had a storm tonight but I doubt it’s going to make a big difference – it’s going to be just as bad tomorrow. And because of the heat I really can’t bring myself near a stove. I think all we’ve been eating is bread and dip, low effort and no cooking required because really…

I had these amazing berries in the fridge I originally wanted to bake with but it was a lost cause, it would have been suicide and i’m not making it up . I still wanted some sort of dessert though! I rolled up my sleeves (definitely a figure of speech here – no sign of sleeves!) and decided to spend the grand total of 10 minutes at the stove to make amazing berry compote(I had some rhubarb left too so I chucked that in too), which goes mega well with 5% fat yoghurt 😉 Ok, no skills required here but who cares? It tastes delicious!

Ingredients for 4

80 gr fresh red currants

80 gr fresh blueberries

80 gr rhubarb, chopped in about 2 cm long pieces

50 gr sugar

400 gr yoghurt, 5% fat

4 tsp chia seeds

nuts to taste

Put the fresh fruit and sugar in a heavy-based sauce pan over medium-high heat and cook it until the the rhubarb is about to fall apart – soft but still in one piece.

Remove from the heat and let cool completely.

Layer the compote and the yoghurt in 4 small containers. Sprinkle a teaspoon of chia seeds on top before serving, add various nuts to taste.

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