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Vegan Stuffed Zucchini / Zucchini ripieni vegan

Luglio 15, 2015

Zucchini. The most feared summer vegetable. If you dare to plant more than one zucchini plant you are screwed (and might need a bigger fridge too).

But still, I love zucchini – and that’s why this year ended up having 6 plants in our little veggie garden which is about 1×6 metres. Along with swiss chards, all sorts of herbs and even rocket now. We need many, as my little people would say.

Eventually we got rid of 3 plants because there was just not enough space. On top of that, one plant is currently fighting for its life because of a very irresponsible transplanting from us unexperienced surgeons , which will probably cause our not-so-discreetly-spying landlady to have nightmares for the next month. Nevertheless, our fridge is still going strong with zucchini! 😀 Last week it was supposed to hail, so I harvested everything I could, including the giant zucchini I wanted to keep for seeds. What a beast. It took up a whole fridge shelf on its own thanks to its proud 53 cm and 2 kg.

Stuffing it sounded like the responsible thing to do – not all in one go though 😉


1 kg zucchini

200 gr red lentils

400 gr cooked potatoes, pressed

2 cloves of garlic, pressed

salt to taste

olive oil


dried herbs (I used SONNENTOR lucky flowers spice mix)

Cut the zucchini in 3-4 cm thick discs, remove the seeds and carve it so that you have enough space to put the filling in.

Cook the red lentils in boiling water until soft. Strain them and rinse them under cold water. Mix them with pressed potatoes and garlic until you get a nice and smooth thick paste. Add salt to taste and let the mixture sit for about 20 minutes

Preheat the oven at 200 degrees C.

Grease a glass baking tray with some olive oil. Place enough lentil/potato mixture inside the zucchini to fill up the hole completely. Sprinkle  some breadcrumbs, some herbs and a bit more olive oil once the stuffed zucchini are all on the tray. Bake until the zucchini flesh is completely cooked and the filling golden brown.

And if you have some filling left just make little balls, squish them a bit, cover their surface with sesame seeds and linseed,  some more breadcrumbs, sprinkle with some sunflower oil and you get this 😀 :


Happy baking!


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