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Grilled peaches and Coconut Custard and Amaretti / Pesche Grigliate e Crema Pasticcera al Cocco e Amaretti

Agosto 13, 2015

I finally got what I wanted: thyme on fruit! I have been intrigued by this combination for months but never managed to pull it off. The things is, here in Klagenfurt I can’t seem to have both at the same time. We tried to grow some thyme from seed but it didn’t work – and I just can’t keep stealing it from my neighbour. About the fruit bit…well, it’s often a lost cause unless you have a peach or apricot tree in your own backyard. And that’s why one should go visit their parents in Italy 😀

All the fruit I want and all the herbs I want in big quantities!

So, experiment number one was to pan grill apricots – heat up a non-stick pan with a knob of butter and fresh rosemary and thyme, place the apricots cut in half (open side down) on the pan and cook over medium-high heat for about 5 minutes or so, until they are nice and golden brown. No need to add sugar – mega yum! Serve with some extra fresh herbs and ta-daaaa!


Out of the pan and on the plate – ready to delight your palate!

And if you want to pimp your pan grilled fruit a bit more, here’s a dessert suggestion 🙂

And because I am back in Austria and I don’t have access to such amazing apricots and peaches, I have already experimented with different stuff and I can already tell you, pears and thyme taste amazing too 😀 But that’s for my next post!

On a final note, I have an extra day of holiday tomorrow, which I am going to use  to get my butt to the market and buy a decent thyme plant!



6 peaches, cut in halves (seed removed)

fresh thyme and rosemary

a knob of butter

10 amaretti, crumbled

Heat up a non-stick pan with a knob of butter and the fresh herbs. Place the peaches on the pan – skin side up. Pan grill over high heat for about 5 minutes (until the bottom side is golden brown). Remove from the pan and put aside.

For the custard:

140 gr coconut milk drink

90 gr milk

45 gr egg yolks

25 gr caster sugar

20 gr corn starch

Whisk the egg yolks with the caster sugar and corn starch inside a bowl until you get a smooth mixture.

Bring the milks to boil, pour them into the bowl with the custard mixture and keep stirring until the custard thickens and is lump-free. Pour everything back into the pot where you heated the milks up and cook over low heat for a few more minutes until the custard thickens a bit more.

Serve the peaches with the warm custard, a few more fresh herbs and the crumbled amaretti biscuits 😀



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